Full Name Date of Appointment Appointing body Term of office Pecuniary interests
Mrs K Leach n/aStaff – Executive Head teacher 4 yearsExecutive Headteacher at Scartho Nursery School.
Mrs E Dean n/aStaff – Head of School 4 years
Mrs S Bate n/aStaff – Head of School 4 years Husband is teacher in NEL
Mr C Sharp 01.10.2019Co-opted 4 years IT consultancy Owner Primary School, Grimsby
Mr T Drinkell 01.10.2019Co-opted 4 years
Mrs A Wilson 01.10.2019Co-opted 4 years
Mrs J Dyson 01.10.2019Co-opted 4 yearsEmployee of NE Lincs Health Sector
Mrs V Bradley 01.10.2019Co-opted 4 years Mother works at Western Primary School as receptionist.
Cllr J Cairns 01.10.2019 LA Governor 4 years Councillor, Yarbrough Ward
Mr I MacLaughlan 01.10.2019 Vice Chair 4 years Wife is teacher in NEL
Mrs G Parker 01.10.2019 Parent Governor 4 years
Mrs E Wilson 01.10.2019 Co-opted 4 yearsTeaching assistant in NEL